A bride glancing at her father, the subtle look that a groom might give his new bride, or casual conversations during the day. These are the moments that only video can capture. We are a motion picture company specializing in the artistic and creative filming of weddings and other events in Saskatoon and area. We discretely shoot the whole day as it unfolds, without setting up many shots. This lets us truly capture the energy and emotion of the day, so when you watch it years from now, you'll literally be transported back in time to re-experience all those emotions. This is as an aspect of film that still photography will never capture.

When we shoot your wedding, you get amazing 4K picture clarity, multiple camera angles, camera stabilization and tracking, superb audio, professional lighting, creative cinematic shooting style, and professional editing and post-production. All the images in this site were captured as screenshots directly from our completed videos.

We'll make sure your wedding video is something you actually want to watch!

Now booking into 2016 and 2017, and dates are going fast. Don't wait! Contact me for availability.